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Syntribation: The Art of the Hands‑Free Orgasm

Discrete forms of masturbation are very limited, making syntribation all the more valuable as a masturbation technique.

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

January 14, 2024

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    January 14, 2024

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Woman's legs crossed sitting in a chair

For women looking to regularly achieve amazing orgams through masturbation, it is very typical to experiment with, and ultimately focus on more innovative and flashy forms of stimulation.

A prime example of this is leveraging sex toys for maximizing sexual pleasure.

And while that is definitely a valid approach to improving your self-wellness, there are other ways to achieve exciting sexual release.

One of those ways is through the act of syntribation.

And a key element that makes syntribation appealing is the fact that you don't need any external devices to help you out.

Nor do you even need to expose yourself or put yourself in a compromising position to get off!

What is syntribation?

In short, syntribation is simply the act of achieving orgasm by squeezing a woman's legs together.

With one of the most common ways of doing so being by crossing their legs.

What this does is put pressure on their clitoris and vulva, two critical parts of female anatomy and creating sexual pleasure.

In fact, in most cases it is mostly the nerve endings around the vaginal wall rather than the clitoris itself that gets heavily stimulated.

But in any case, that stimulation directly leads to an amazing tingling sensation and with time, a fully satisfying orgasm.

Although many women do not know the term for this sexual act, it is actually quite common.

Especially for young women growing up and who are experimenting with their bodies.

Hands-free sexual relief

One defining characteristic of syntribation is that you can do this 100% hands-free.

The only thing you need to stimulate your clitoris and vulva is your thighs and the pressure created by pressing them together.

And because the muscles in the leg are some of the strongest in the body, you can create huge amounts of pressure fairly easily.

Which means huge amounts of sexual pleasure as well!

Comparison to sex toys

The only obvious parallel as far as how to masturbate hands-free is through the use of an egg vibrator that is 100% wireless and applies constant vibrations.

Or arguably using a butt plug for constant pressure applied to your backside.

But both of these require the purchase of the aforementioned sex toys, plus require some planning to get yourself started.

And this is where syntribation shines, as a truly hands-free masturbation technique, completely free, and always available whenever you have the urge to get yourself off.

Public yet discrete masturbation

A great thing about syntribation is that because it can be done without even using your hands, you can get away with syntribating anywhere and anytime.

In this case, you can remain fully clothed while syntribating while in public areas.

To any onlookers you are simply crossing your legs like a lot of women often do.

But in reality, you will be supplying yourself with as much sexual pleasure as you see fit.

Imagine being able to subtly masturbate while in the living room with your parents or other family members.

Or in the classroom or at work while you are bored and have the urge to get yourself off.

For women who never can seem to find enough alone time to masturbate using more typical explicit methods, or for those who like the thrill of getting off in public without anyone even realizing it, syntribation is the perfect masturbation technique to use.

Just make sure your facial expressions while masturbating and orasming are also discreet and you will be golden!

Reminder: Take your time and don't over stimulate!

As amazing as syntribation is, it is important to avoid overdoing it.

It is very easy to apply extreme amounts of pressure and over time, you may be able to effectively orgasm very quickly within just a few minutes.

However, this may lead to you not being able to orgasm any other way - something very similar when women get too reliant on vibrators

It is the female equivalent to the "death grip" that many men suffer from due to their excessive masturbation habits.

And ultimately it can lead to issues in the bedroom, being unable to successfully orgasm with a partner.

So as much as possible, control your syntribation, and focus on the journey, not the destination!

Syntribation is a valuable asset for self-pleasure!

Whether you've syntribated before (perhaps without even realizing it) or are just learning about it now, the benefits of syntribation should be quite apparent to you now.

Compared to other forms of masturbation, syntribation is not only easy to execute, but can be done just about anywhere, at any time.

Given that typical masturbation techniques such as using your hands, not to mention using sex toys, are generally regarded as the gold standard when it comes to self-pleasure, it is easy to overlook syntribation entirely.

But at the right time and place, it may be the perfect way to discretely masturbate and ultimately achieve a satisfactory climax.

Plus you may even realize that the unique form of stimulation is highly appealing in it's own right!