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Dildos: The Original Sex Toy

Guide by Mia Hart

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Guide by Mia Hart from  BLISSFULCHERRY

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Multiple colored dildos arranged alongside one another

If you are reading this page right now, then odds are that you are fairly new to the world of sex toys.

Simply because the dildo is typically the first sex toy one learns how to use.

In which case, this is the perfect guide for you!

And even if you own your dildos already, there is plenty of info that you can take away from this guide.

Read up on this guide and you will be an expert on dildos!

With all the knowledge you need to begin your sex toy journey.

Want to learn more about sex toys in general? Check out our comprehensive guide to sex toys.

What are dildos anyway?

To put it simply, dildos are built to simulate a man's penis.

They can be made of various materials, each with their own pros and cons.

For example, a silicone dildo is soft and flexible.

And a glass dildo is ideal for temperature play.

In any case, they all fulfill the same purpose - fulfilling your sexual needs when you're alone.

Or even when with your partner!

You control the action!

While dildos are made to simulate the male penis, they don't recreate the pleasure of a real man's penis on their own.

In fact, unlike vibrators which can theoretically do ALL of the work on their own, a dildo requires you (or your partner) to do all of the work yourselves.

The dildo is primarily used as an insertion device.

This means inserting the dildo into your vagina (or anus) for pleasure in the same way that you would do with your fingers or with a male partner's penis.

Moving the dildo in-and-out creates friction on your vaginal walls, thereby creating pleasure!

Advantages of a dildo

There are quite a few advantages that a dildo has over other methods of vaginal penetration:

Size and shape that fits your needs

When masturbating with your fingers, you are basically limited to the girth and length of your fingers.

But if you prefer a longer, or thicker penetration, then you are stuck!

Even when using household items, you may not get the exact shape and size that will give you the most pleasure.

Purchasing a dildo helps you find the right fit that will give you the most satisfying stimulation possible!

This is also why it is so important to take time to find just the right dildo for you!

A giant dildo that is nearly 12 inches long
Dildos come in numerous shapes and sizes, such as this big black dildo that's nearly 12 inches long!

Safe penetration

The dildo itself is specifically designed for amazing vaginal penetration while keeping the saftey of the user in mind.

Dildo material is soft enough to avoid damaging deep vaginal tissues, even if the dildo itself is enormous.

And because dildos can be washed after use and/or used with a condom, they are also safe from contamination.

Unique sensation - someone else entering you!

Compared to using your own fingers, a dildo will feel like someone else is entering you, rather than yourself.

This is because your nerves on your fingers will always tell your brain that you are the one inside your vagina.

But when using a dildo, especially one that emulates the shape and feel of a man, you feel as if someone is actually there entering you!

It's an amazing sensation!

Convenience - pleasure at your leisure

Unless you are using your hand, having a readily available object to penetrate yourself for pleasure is fairly unlikely.

Especially when these potential objects have other uses in the home that make using them for sexual pleasure a nuisance.

Cucumbers are a poor way to masturbate
Using household items such as cucumbers for masturbation are not only unsafe, but inconvenient as well!

Having an object set aside specifically to fulfill your late-night desires is not only practical, but ideal!

Whenever you are in the mood, you have a device ready to supplement your own finger masturbation.

I honestly cannot fathom how I survived only masturbating with my fingers for so many years.

Dildos (and other sex toys) are the only way to go to get the best masturbation and sex possible!

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How to Use a Dildo During Sex

Because a basic dildo is only useful when penetrating, including your dildo while having sex needs to work around this fact.

One way to do this is to use the dildo for penetrating your vagina, while your partner penetrates you with anal sex.

Or you can use the dildo to penetrate your anus, while your partner penetrates you vaginally!

If you do use an anal dildo, make sure it is distinct from one you use vaginally.

Or just make sure it is washed and cleaned thoroughly (more on that below).

Alternatively, you can combine dildo penetration with oral sex from your partner.

That means things such as sucking on your clitoris while you use your dildo on yourself vaginally.

Or giving you full oral sex with fingering and all, while you use your dildo in the anus.

For guys, you can also receive a blowjob while your dildo penetrates your anus.

As with a lot of amazing sex and masturbation, combining two different forms of stimulation creates the most pleasure!

So if you really want to reap the most benefits of your dildo, treat it as a tool to supplement other sources of stimulation.

Whether it be during sex, or even when you are masturbating!

Safety Measures

Although using a dildo is just about the safest method for inanimate stimulation, it is still important to follow a few simple safety guidelines.

This is not only to keep your vagina (or anus) healthy, but also to keep your dildo lasting for years.

Wash your dildo frequently

Because the dildo is constantly entering your vagina (or anus), it is important to keep the dildo itself clean, to avoid infections and other harmful side effects.

Luckily, for just about all dildos, this is fairly easy to do!

Simply wash the dildo with soap and warm water!

This can be done either immediately after your session, or before it.

Just be sure to let it dry before resuming use.

That's all there is to it!

Alternatively - use a condom

This is also an effective way to keep contaminants off of the dildo.

Simply put the condom on the dildo before use, and remove and throw away after use.

However, this does require a new condom for every use, which will inevitably cost money, depending on how often you use your dildo.

In any case, we would still recommend cleaning the dildo with soap and water, just in case.

This would just be an extra step to ensure your dildo is clean for the long haul!

Use condoms to keep your dildos clean
Using condoms are an extra step to keep your dildos clean for the long haul.

Make sure you are lubricated

While fairly obvious, this is a reminder that we feel needs to be made.

Do not just jump straight into dildo play, even if your dildo has been giving you amazing orgasms in the past.

Just like in regular intercourse, having a lubricated vagina is integral to keeping your vagina safe when inserting any object.

If you can get yourself lubricated naturally, then all the better.

But for many women, getting lubricated naturally can be difficult when using a sex toy.

At least to start off.

If this is you, then you should look into using lube as a way to get lubricated quickly and efficiently.

And if you are using your sex toys for anal sex, lube is almost certaintly a must!

Simply becaue your anal cavity does not lubricate itself on its own like your vagina does.

Tips on purchasing a dildo

Once you are ready to get a dildo, it is very easy to buy the first dildo that piques your interest in the heat of the moment.

But there are so many differnet types of dildos available, and you should take the time to make the right purchase.

With that said, below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your dildo.

Select the right material

Dildos (and sex toys in general) are made out of all sorts of different materials, the most common ones being:

  • Jelly

  • Plastic

  • Silicone

  • Glass

  • Metal

The absolutely most popular out of the five materials above is silicone, hands down.

In short because it is the safest and most comfortable.

If you are a beginner, you should select a silicone dildo.

And if you are more advanced, materials like glass or metal can also be intriguing.

Providing you with unique and exciting pleasure sensations.

For more detail on the best (and worst) sex toy materials, check out our sex toy materials guide.

Select a shape and size you can handle!

Make sure that you can handle whatever shape and size of dildo you intend to purchase.

Along these same lines, we recommend starting small if you are unsure!

You can always upgrade to a bigger dildo in the future.

The biggest regret I hear from women is that they are overzealous in purchasing a gigantic dildo.

And end up not being able to handle the size once they try it out themselves.

They end up leaving their dildo on the shelf, letting it collect dust before eventually throwing it away.

Please don't let that happen to you: when in doubt, start on the smaller end.

Don't be afraid to invest in your sexual pleasure

Despite any preconceived notions you may have, dildos are not cheap.

At least, not the ones worth purchasing.

It can be quite tempting to go for a bargain dildo, especially if you are new to sex toys.

However, in most cases that dildo will not last very long before it either outright breaks, or becomes a major health risk.

Or it may not be as pleasurable as you had hoped, due to the lower-quality material that it is made out of.

In all cases, this leads to having to replace your original purchase, essentially spending even more money than you would have if you just bought a high-quality dildo in the first place.

It is always better in the long-run to purchase a high-quality dildo from the start, even if the price may seem a bit pricey.

Otherwise your sexual satisfaction and (ironically) your wallet will end up suffering the most.

Jumpstart your Sex Life with Dildos Today!

Dildos are just the start to the world of sex toys, but an absolutely great start!

They come naturally to you, and are intuitive enough to start using right away.

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Whether you are looking for a pink dildo, a realistic dildo, or just a downright huge dildo, we guarantee you'll find what you are looking for!

So many dildo options to choose from
There are all sorts of dildos available - be sure to select one that fits your needs!

Not to mention that we also sell vibrators that can be effectively used as dildos.

In fact, a vibrator is at its core a vibrating dildo!

And if you are looking at something more intense, then make sure to check out our Anal Beads Guide and Butt Plugs Guide.

Those toys are the gold standard in anal stimulation, a very underrated form of sexual pleasure.

So take the plunge now and see just how amazing dildos are for enhancing how you masturbate and have sex!

They will most definitely open you up to an exciting world of sex toys that give your sex life more pleasure!