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Sex With Men: My Gender‑Based Analysis Part I

Curious what I think about men in the bedroom? Keep reading.

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

June 26, 2023

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    June 26, 2023

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Sex is always a beautiful connection between two (or more) people.

Anything less that that would just be masturbation - something I am clearly supportive of!

But the sexual experience you have first and foremost comes down to whether you are having sex with a man or a woman.

Thankfully as a proud bisexual woman, I've encountered my fair share of both of them.

And here I'll be describing the overall sexual experience as a woman having sex with men!

A unique piece of male hardware

Sex with men cannot start without mentioning their penis.

It's a huge reason why sex is so great with them in the first place.

They are perfectly designed to be thrust into a woman and fill up our vaginas.

Plus they can be filled into other places as well - from our mouths to even our backsides!

They are the perfect symbol of what makes men so enticing, especially when you get to see their manhoods grow and get hard as you start to pleasure them orally.

And their cum is generally pretty damn tasty as well, in my honest opinion.

A rough but good time

Men are generally more physically fit than women, and in the bedroom that can pay dividends.

I've been picked up and pinned up against the wall while getting penetrated.

And even lifted all the way up onto a man's shoulders while he was standing just so he could give me head.

Even for less physically fit men, there still is a general tendency for men to display dominance in other ways.

Things like tossing me around on the bed, or even slapping and pulling my hair are fairly commonplace with men - as long as their is consent involved.

But for me personally, being in that submissive role with men in general is a huge turn-on, and that leads to the generally rough atmostphere in the bedroom.

Endless natural sex positions

Based on male and female anatomy alone, there are so many ways to have sex that it's just mind-boggling.

My personal favorite is doggy style (as is the case for most women), in part becuase it makes me feel ultra sexualized and desirable when he is pounding me from behind with a view of my entire backside.

But you can be more intimate by going with the missionary position

Or if you really want to be in complete control, you can engage in the cowgirl position, also known as riding, which allows you to better control just how fast you are letting him in and out of your.

This position is also one that I thoroughly enjoy, because I love being in control every now and again.

Plus I am able to seamlessly use sex toys in this position to create even more pleasure for myself!

Muscles and body hair

The male experience is just not complete without recognizing the other elements of a man that women are generally attracted to.

Muscles are often a huge turn-on (although the exact muscles that catch our eyes vary from women to women).

But even body hair is extremely attractive to me, especially around the chest area.

I honestly could go on and on about this, but the reality is that each man has a different body type.

And experiencing different bodies is half of the fun whenever you engage in sexual relations with different people.

Men bring the entire package (pun intended!)

There are so many things that make sex with men so enjoyable for women.

Their tantalizing hardware speaks for itself, but their demeanor and nature also lends itself to a rougher and/or more dominating experience overall.

Add to that the fact that male-female sex positions are near limitless and its hard to argue with the appeal that men bring to the table.

Not to mention the other aesthetically pleasing attributes like muscles and body that define men and make them sexy overall.

Although I'd never dare "choose" between sex with men and sex with women, I can say that I definitely could not live without having sex with men!