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Stimulation Guides

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Guide to Orgasms  |  The Clitoris  |  The G-Spot  |  Anal Stimulation  |  Penis Stimulation  |  Rimming/Analingus  |  Nipple Play  |  Edging  |  Syntribation  |  Temperature Play

Orgasm: A Comprehensive Guide To Sexual Climax

Learn all about the "end goal" of sexual pleasure, including the different types of orgasms and how to have them.

Guide to clitoris stimulation

The Clitoris: The Staple For Female Stimulation

Learn more about the clitoris, and how you can best stimulate this highly sensitive organ.

Guide to G-spot stimulation

The G-Spot: Your One-Way Ticket to Guaranteed Orgasms

Ready to (finally) have orgasms with more regularity? Read up on how the G-Spot can help!

Guide to anal stimulation

Anal Stimulation: Anatomy of the Butt

Before you purchase anal toys, learn the proper way to approach your backside and anal play.

Guide to penis stimulation

Penis Stimulation: How to Give Your Man the Ultimate Blowjob

Want to make sure your man gets the best blowjob possible? Check out this guide.

Guide to rimming (analingus)

What is Rimming (Analingus)?

Learn about this truly intimate sex act and how to give a proper "rim job".

Asian woman in lingerie holding her breasts

Nipple Play: How to Have a Nipple Orgasm

Learn about this often overlooked erogenous zone, and how to effectively stimulate them to climax.

African-American woman engaging in edging on bed

Edging: A Guide to Orgasm Control

Learn about this unique method of sexual stimulation that will greatly improve your sex life.

Woman's legs crossed sitting in a chair

Syntribation: The Art of the Hands‑Free Orgasm

Discrete forms of masturbation are very limited, making syntribation all the more valuable as a masturbation technique.

Guide to sex toy temperature play

Temperature Play With Sex Toys

Need yet another reason to love your sex toys? Learn about temperature play and how to best achieve this unique pleasure sensation by using sex toys.