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Sex Guides

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How to Kiss  |  Foreplay  |  Female Anatomy  |  Sex with Men  |  Sex with Women  |  Dirty Talking  |  Moaning  |  Unique Sex Locations

Kissing tips

How to Kiss: Essential Tips and Tricks

Learn how to master the sensual art of kissing.

Foreplay before sex

Foreplay: Underrated Tips To Effectively Initiate Sex

Master the art of foreplay to take sex and intimacy to new levels.

Female sexual anatomy, including vulva and breasts

Female Sexual Anatomy: An In-Depth Guide

An absolute must-read, as the precursor for unlocking the secrets of female sexual pleasure.

What it's like to have sex with men

Sex With Men: My Gender-Based Analysis Part I

My personal depiction of the unique pleasure that is a male sexual partner (the first of a two-part series)

What it's like to have sex with women

Sex With Women: My Gender-Based Analysis Part II

Learn about the truly sensual experience of sex with a fellow woman (the second of a two-part series)

Dirty talking

Dirty Talking: Elevate Your Sex Life With The Power Of Words

Complement the inherently physical nature of sex by incorporating dirty talk with your partner.

Moaning during sex

Moaning During Sex: The Science of Sex Sounds

From gasps to screams and everything in between, learn why the moans we make help to improve sex all around.

Unique places to have sex

All About Location: Unique Places To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Finding a new and exciting place to have sex could be just what you need to take back control of your sexual enjoyment.