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Sex Dolls: Simulating the Full Sexual Experience

As a multi-faceted sexual companion, learn how sex dolls push the boundary of what a sex toy can be.

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

March 10, 2024

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    March 10, 2024

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Although having sexual intercourse and masturbating are both derived on the concept of sexual pleasure, the former is generally considered a more desirable activity than the latter.

One reason for this is due to the fact that sex with another person engenders a unique emotional response compared to masturbating alone.

Specifically, there is a certain level of excitement that comes with interacting with another person intimately in the context of sex.

Anything from intensely locking eyes with your partner while having sex, to even just admiring your partner’s body while in various sexual positions can elevate the sex to entirely new levels.

However, the fact of the matter is that not everyone regularly is able to engage in sex to take advantage of these benefits.

And even those who do regularly engage in sex may also want to find ways to emulate those feelings outside of their typical sexual interactions.

There is a very specific and unique sex toy that is ideal for bridging this gap between solo masturbation and the full sexual experience, and that is the sex doll!

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about sex dolls and why they have become so popular today.

What is a sex doll?

Although there is a bit more to it, a sex doll is pretty much exactly what it sounds like!

In essence, it is a doll that resembles a human that is specifically meant for sexual consumption.

They can come in both male and female forms, but visually speaking, the sex doll will be designed to look physically attractive, in order to appeal for people’s innate desire for someone that is sexy and desirable sexually.

And functionally, the doll will be designed to be allow users to engage with it in a way that helps them derive sexual pleasure.

Sex dolls are similar to any other sex toy, although with sex dolls, the level of complexity is on an entirely different level!

Sex dolls do not only come in female form, but in male form as well.

Lifelike physical attributes

Because sex dolls are generally built to emulate the many aspects of having sex with a human partner, it is very important that they are as lifelike as possible.

In the past, the sex toy industry started out with blowup dolls, which were inflatable and no where near as realistic as a real human.

But with technological advances in the industry over time, sex dolls have become quite realistic, to the point where they could fairly easily pass as a real human visually.

Silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are very typical materials used to make sex toys, particularly to help emulate real human skin.

Hair on the body is also meticulously added to the doll, not just on the dolls head but even around their genital areas as well.

And because the sexual orifices are a huge focal point when it comes to actually using a sex doll, there is significant attention to detail paid to the creation of truly life like breasts, genitals and even the human mouth.

Fully customizable

Sexual preferences are a very real thing, especially when it comes to physical attractiveness to another person.

It only makes sense then that sex dolls also recognize the wide range of sexual preferences in people, and allow for fully customizable dolls.

For example, if you are looking for a female sex doll, you can customize the hair color based on your preference for brunette vs. blonde.

Things like breast size and genital grooming (e.g. bush vs. clean shaven) can also be selected.

Even details like the body build type and eye color can be specifically chosen so that your sex doll is perfectly aligned with the type of person that you are most physically attracted to.

Hair color and breast size are just a few of the things that are customizable on a sex doll.

How to use sex dolls (understanding the appeal)

Now that you know what a sex doll is, it is important to understand how to actually use them.

However, the reality is that people use sex dolls in many different ways.

Due in large part to the large scale and complexity of the sex toy overall, the use cases for sex dolls go well beyond those of most other sex toys which are almost exclusively dedicated to providing a very specific physical stimulation.

Therefore, in order to answer how to use sex dolls, we also must discuss the overall appeal of this multi-faceted sex toy.

Sexual stimulation

Like just about every other sex toy, a sex doll can generally be used to stimulate the user’s genitalia.

In the case of men, they can insert their penis into what amounts to a fully functional female vagina, similar to how they can use a pocket pussy (although similar to a pocket pussy, manual lubrication will be required since the sex doll will not create lube naturally).

And in the case of women, they can ride on the artificial penis of their male sex doll just like they would with a dildo.

Both cases closely mimic the type of stimulation that can be found when having typical vaginal intercourse.

Some sex dolls will even incorporate vibration into their design, allowing additional stimulation that is more unique to the sex toy world specifically.

If your goal is primarily to feel good sexually and achieve orgasm, then sex dolls should undoubtedly be able to do it for you.

Simulated sex

Beyond sexual stimulation, which again can be accomplished by basically every other sex toy, a sex doll can bring a lot more to the table due to it being a total package of a lifelike human being.

For many people, sex dolls are perfect for simulating the appeal of having sex with another person.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of elements to the sexual experience that typical sex toys cannot effectively emulate.

Things like kissing or foreplay are only viable with something lifelike to interact with and sex dolls serve this purpose amazingly well.

For someone who wants to feel like they are actually engaging in all elements of a typical sexual encounter, they can leverage a sex doll to get as close to the real thing as possible.

They can passionately kiss their doll, play with their erogenous zones of their “partner” as foreplay, and engage in sexual intercourse as well.

Men can even use the mouth and anal orifices for oral sex and anal sex respectively.

And women can even peg their male partners as well if that is what they are into sexually.

In short, the very act of engaging in sexual activity as though they are there with an actual person is just as much of a turn on from a psychological perspective as it is from a physical one (if not significantly more of a turn-on).

You can even bring a sex doll into the bedroom with your real-life partner to add another element of excitement, or even to ease the both of you into having threesomes down the line.

Sex dolls allow people to simulate sex in very specific positions like doggy style.

Simulated exhibitionism

On the other end of the spectrum, instead of actively engaging with the sex doll from start to finish, another viable option is engage with the sex doll very minimally.

This use case is for people who are into exhibitionism, which is defined as sexual pleasure derived from being seen by other people (or fantasizing being seen by other people) in a sexual matter.

This definition should therefore make it quite obvious how one can utilize a sex doll for this purpose, and it is very easy to do for the user.

Simply set the sex doll in a preferred location beforehand (for example overlooking you from a nearby couch) and you are all set.

From that point on, normal masturbation (or sex with a real-life partner) can happen, but with the added sexual appeal of someone watching over you.

For these very specific people who are interested in exhibitionism, sex dolls are an amazing way to supplement more typical sexual activities.

Emotional companionship

Between the two previous examples of simulated sex and simulated exhibitionism, sex dolls can be used in two very different extremes.

However, there is also a somewhat middle ground use case when it comes to sex dolls, and that is derived from the emotional aspect that comes with being with another person.

While sex to some people is purely a physical act, many people feel that sex has an emotional component to it as well.

This is why many people prefer to only have sex with someone when they are in a committed relationship, or at least when they have established some level of emotional connection.

This emotional connection adds intimacy to the sexual encounter that makes sex more enjoyable overall.

And while simulated sex with a sex doll can leverage this concept to make the sex better, in some cases sex doesn’t even need to be part of the equation.

The most common example of this is using a sex doll by cuddling with it.

This can occur after the simulated sex has occurred, but for many individuals, cuddling can be done without any sex involved whatsoever.

After a long day at work for example, or just before going to bed, a person may decide to cuddle with their sex doll.

This simple act of cuddling can provide the user with a sense of intimacy and emotional connection, something that may be missing in their life otherwise.

They may even decide to talk to their sex doll about their day, which only further establishes that sense of emotional companionship.

Some people use sex dolls for emotional companionship, with no explicitly sexual component involved.

Because sex dolls are so lifelike, there is no reason that their utility should only apply at the sexual level.

In fact, sex dolls are also referred to as love dolls due to being associated with love and companionship as well.

For people who are lonely in life, or simply want more intimacy than what their current lifestyle provides them, using sex dolls for emotional companionship is a perfectly viable use case.

Downsides to consider

Sex dolls are truly unique sex toys with a lot of interesting use cases, making them a fairly appealing sex toy overall.

And while they have grown significantly in popularity over the years, sex dolls are in reality not nearly as pervasive in the sex toy community as most other sex toys out there.

There are a couple of reasons for this, and it is important to mention them for anyone who is considering trying sex dolls out for themselves.

High Cost

In order to simulate a truly lifelike human, sex toys are not cheap, plain and simple.

To help put some numbers on it, any decent lifelike sex doll will cost well above $1000.

And if you want your sex doll customized for your specific interests, the price will only shoot up even further from there.

In short, sex dolls are high quality and top of the line sex toys, and that is reflected in their price point.

This high cost is an immediate barrier to entry for many people, and even for those who technically can afford sex dolls, it may still be hard to justify the cost for a sex toy that is at least an order of magnitude more than most other sex toys out there.

Suffice to say, if you are looking into a buying a sex doll, you need to make absolutely sure that you will be getting enough value out of your purchase before pulling the trigger.

High-quality realistic sex dolls are very expensive, especially ones that are fully customized.

Unexpected Weight

When dealing with a life-sized sex doll, the weight becomes a critical factor.

And while the materials utilized do try to minimize the weight as much as possible, there is only so much that can be done in order to maintain realistic features.

Even though a sex doll will weigh significantly less than a real person of similar size, the weight is a lot more noticeable given that the sex doll cannot lift their weight on their own due to being an inanimate object.

This weight concern becomes particularly meaningful when it comes to actually using the sex doll, since it is on the user to manipulate the body and its limbs to get the doll into the desired position.

The physical effort required to move the body around is not overly strenuous, but it is definitely something that some users will notice while playing with their sex doll.

This is especially true for those who like to move their sex dolls into different positions often during their session, which potentially may detract from the overall enjoyment of using the sex toy.

Make sure to consider exactly how you plan to use your sex doll and therefore how the weight will play a factor before making any purchase.

Negative Stigma

While sex dolls very clearly have their uses, most people would still prescribe to the notion that the real thing with a real person is greatly preferred over using a sex doll.

Because of this mindset, there is overall a negative stigma regarding the use of sex dolls overall.

If someone is using a sex doll due to their inability to meet similar sexual or emotional needs in the real world, then they are viewed as being “lesser” than someone who doesn’t need to use sex dolls.

Or if someone naturally has an affinity towards sex dolls for whatever reason, others who don’t see the same appeal will view them as strange.

This latter example is something that was very prevalent back when kinks were new and misunderstood.

And in a sense, perhaps sex dolls are still misunderstood overall which is contributing to this poor stigma in society.

Whatever the underlying reasons though, this stigma is definitely something to consider before deciding to use sex dolls for yourself.

Even though sex doll use can generally be kept under wraps and more or less a private activity, there is always the possibility that someone finds out about it.

You must either be willing to take on that risk, or more preferably be fully confident in your decision to use sex dolls going into, so that even if someone does find out about your interest in sex dolls it does not negatively affect you.

Sex dolls bring new meaning to sexual pleasure!

Sex toys have constantly evolved over the years, in order to meet the constantly evolving wants and needs of society.

And as sex toys have become more and more mainstream, the industry has continually pushed the boundaries of what sex toys can be.

Sex dolls are a prime example of how far along we’ve gotten with respect to sex toys.

Helping to bridge the gap from basic solo masturbation to the genuine sexual experience, sex dolls have a lot of unique use cases that make them a worthy addition to anyone serious about exploring all avenues of sexual pleasure.

While sex dolls are not for everyone, it is definitely in your best interest to at the very least evaluate the role that sex dolls can have in your life, and decide for yourself whether they would be a good fit for you personally.

Whether you are looking for the perfect blend of psychological and physical stimulation, or are simply looking for companionship, sex dolls are may be just the new and exciting sex toy you are looking for!