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Sex Toys - Your Guide To Achieving True Sexual Bliss

Guide by Mia Hart

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Guide by Mia Hart from  BLISSFULCHERRY

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an assortment of sex toys in various colors and shapes

Sexual pleasure is something that we all love every now and then.

(Some of us are even obsessed with it if we're being totally honest.)

And yes, more conventional means of sexual pleasure are admittedly good.

But they are not great.

The only way to ensure your sexual fulfillment is through the use of sex toys.

Blonde woman in white top holding up a white wand vibrator
Sex toys are the only surefire way to fulfill your sexual needs.

That is why you are here today.

And that is why we are here.

Here at Blissful Cherry, we pride ourselves not just on offering the highest-quality sex toys around, but also the guides necessary to take your sex lives to new heights!

This guide is our fundamental guide to take you into the world of sex toys.

Teaching you everything you need to know before you start trying them out for yourself!

Let's get started.

(Feel free to use use open the Table of Contents below to skip ahead!)

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What are Sex Toys?

Before we go any further with this crash course, we first need to answer the fundamental question: What are sex toys?

In short, this is the definition:

Sex toys are objects specifically designed to enhance sexual pleasure.

In short, if the product is sexual in nature and meant to provide pleasure, it is a sex toy.

They are also known as adult sex toys, or simply adult toys.

Achieving Orgasms

Sex toys are meant to simulate (and in most cases enhance) sex and sexual pleasure.

As a result, a big draw with sex toys is their ability to help you achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

And not just achieve them, but to achieve them quickly and (relatively) easily.

Blonde woman making intense orgasm face over light brown background
If you've never made this sort of face before, or don't do it with any regularity, sex toys are definitely for you!

In fact, for women in particular, sex toys are just about the only way to squirt.

Otherwise known as the ultimate female orgasm.

Yes, it's possible to squirt during regular intercourse, but it is highly unlikely.

And impossible to replicate with any consistency.

Want to learn more about squirting and how to do it? Check out our guide on how to make a girl squirt.

Pleasure (and Pain)

Keep in mind though that while there may be a conventional definition of pleasure when it comes to sex and sex toys, what actually constitutes as pleasure totally depends on the person.

For this reason, many people around the world actual derive pleasure from what typically is defined as pain to most others.

And as a result, there is an entire line of sex toys that focus on achieving pleasure through pain.

Things like, but not limited to:

  • Whips and chains

  • Nipple clamps

  • Blindfolds and handcuffs

  • Mouth gags

Now before you say anything: you very well may be into these sorts of sex toys if you give them a chance.

In which case, you’d be a real-life example of Anastasia Grey:

Anastasia Grey blindfolded and moaning in pleasure and pain

In either case, it is good to know that such sex toys exist.

If anything, just to put the world of sex toys in context.

Here at Blissful Cherry, because such sex toys are more of a minor subset of people, we focus on the more conventional sex toys.

Thoughts on the stigma of sex toys

Although sex toys are much more widely used and accepted in days past, some women may feel self-conscious about using such devices

The general stigma surrounding use of such sex toys is generally negative.

Woman lying on the bed about to use a pink clit oral sex vibrator
Sex toy usage of any kind may still be felt as taboo, especially among women!

In particular, women are looked down upon for being so forthcoming about their sexuality and fulfilling their sexual needs.

However, that is just wrong!

Sex toys are nothing more than tools to enhance how good we feel when we are sexually stimulated.

It is a perfectly natural response to want to feel as good as we possibly can.

And sex toys help facilitate that goal.

With the world becoming less sexist in general, the fact that men have their own unique set of sex toys available for them means women have just as much right to fulfilling their sexual desires too.

Well-lit sex toy store with bright dildos and other sex toys on display
Sex toys are much more prominent nowadays, signaling a shift in how society views sex toys.

All in all, if you hear someone disapprove of your interest in and/or use of sex toys, simply brush it off or take it in stride.

As long as you are happy with yourself and the way you can make yourself feel sexually, that's all that matters.

When to use Sex Toys

In a general sense, sex toys can be used anywhere and anytime.

But in terms of applications of sex toys, there are two main instances of using them: To masturbate and to enhance sex.

Both are fairly similar, but do have some distinct differences that we will go over briefly.

Sex Toys For Masturbation

Part of the reason sex toys are desired by many women is because they create a sensation that can’t be replicated with just their fingers alone.

Although you can use your hands to masturbate, there is clearly something lacking.

Primarily the ability to penetrate vaginally with something thick and long.

Beautiful woman in her underwear vigorously masturbating with her hand on a bed
Masturbating with your hands alone are almost never this intense (i.e. satisfying).

In other words something that more closely simulates a real man’s penis!

In addition to the pure physical pleasure associated with having a large phallic object entering you, the psychological aspect of imagining it being a real penis only adds to the pleasure!

And outside of the phallic nature of a dildo or something similar, sex toys in general give women (and men) a chance to stimulate themselves in ways that their hands simply can’t replicate.

We’ve already touched upon phallic penetration, but things like vibrations, and even unique anal penetrations can only be accomplished through the use of sex toys.

So when you really want to go that extra mile, sex toys are the perfect option.

They will take your masturbation sessions to an entirely new level!

Diagram showing vaginal penetration via vibrator along with fingering of clitoris
Stimulating yourself with the added, unique sensation of a sex toy along with your hands greatly enhances your masturbation sessions.

Sex Toys To Enhance Sex

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys aren’t just for alone time.

And while there is admittedly another person that will preoccupy your time, sex toys can coincide perfectly with you and your partner.

The reason sex toys can be worked into sex is due to the fact that there are so many combinations of givers and receivers, along with where to stimulate.

Sometimes the added sex toy will stimulate you while you are giving pleasure to your partner.

Or sometimes it will simply double down on the pleasure you are already receiving from your partner.

Diagram showing doggy-style vaginal penetration with woman using vibrator on herself
Why receive just doggy-style when you can add a vibrator to the mix to amp up the pleasure even more?

In any case, using sex toys during sex doesn’t just make it better, it makes it kinkier!

Be sure to check out our guide on unique ways to enhance sex using sex toys for more ideas on spicing up your late-night fun!

Characteristics of Sex Toys

Before we explain what explicit sex toys are out there, we’ll describe what sort of sex toys are out there.

This way you can see what appeals to you before putting any sort of label on what sex toy matches with you personally.


The main characteristic you look for when selecting a sex toy is the functionality.

Sex toys have all sorts of different functionalities, in order to best stimulate different parts of your body.

In general, there are only a few different types of functionality from which most sex toys are comprised of:


Penetration is probably the most obvious form of sexual arousal that you think of when you think of sex toys.

Which makes perfect sense, since penetration is a key aspect of real sex.

The key to penetration is the creation of friction between your own body and the sex toy itself.

And when done according to your liking, this friction creates an amazing pleasure sensation.

Note that the actual penetration effect that you create is based on a number of different factors.

Primarily the size of the sex toy penetrating you, as well as the lubrication of your own orifice.

So you can get all sorts of different effects, from recreating vaginal sex, to creating a kinkier pleasure sensation if you so choose.

The latter is typically associated with penetration in the anus rather than the vagina, along with using a (relatively speaking) thicker sex toy.


If penetration is the most obvious form of sex toy functionality, then vibrations are the most popular.

More so than any other type of sex toy, ones that vibrate are so unique and cannot be replicated by humans.

This is because vibrations are literally created through the use of small batteries and motors.

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Tension and Pressure

While the concept of tension when it comes to sex toys inherently involves some penetration, when we talk about tension, we are really talking about a static state.

In other words, the sex toy will initially penetrate you, but rather than deriving pleasure through moving the toy in and out of your body, just the act of the part sitting inside you creates the pleasing sensation.

This is the driving principle behind anal stimulation.

And while the majority of tension-based sex toys are anal toys, vaginal toys can utilize this principle as well.

The great thing about tension-based sex toys is that once they are inside of your body, you (or your partner) can focus their energy pleasuring other parts of your body.

In this sense, toys that focus on tension are great complements to your “main” source of stimulation.

However, that doesn’t mean that these toys are less valuable than others.

To be rank, these tension-based sex toys are perfect tools to help put you over the edge and achieve orgasm.

Based on that alone, these toys are quite valuable!

Pressure-based sex toys are not too common, but prevalent enough to discuss in some detail.

Instead of most sex toys that to inside of your body, pressure-based sex toys are applied to the outside of your body in various capacities.

And while not all sex toys that are applied externally equate to pressure-based sex toys, more often than not that is the case.

Clamping, squeezing and even sucking are all subsets of pressure-based sex toys.

Sex Toy Materials

Once you know what kind of sex toy you want in terms of functionality, the next most important thing to consider is what the sex toy is made out of.

The sex toy material is not only important for your own comfort while using the toy, but also for considering the overall quality and durability of your product.

Plus it also dictates what kind of lube you can use with the toy, which is an entirely new discussion altogether.

Four different types of sex lubes on a gradient grey background
Different sex toys require different types of lube!

In any case, there is quite a lot that goes into selecting your sex toy material.

But the most important thing when it comes to sex toy materials is to avoid sex toys that have phthalates in them.

Many low-quality sex toy suppliers use phthalates in their sex toys in order to create sex toys at a low cost.

However, this is a toxic material that you don’t want anywhere near your body.

If you want to learn more about phthalates and all of the various sex toy materials in general, our comprehensive guide on sex toy materials is the place to go.

Sex Toy Quality

After having just discussed sex toy materials briefly, now is a great time to discuss the general concept of quality when it comes to sex toys.

The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of sex toys out there.

And all of them can theoretically do the same job (more or less).

What really sets a sex toy apart though is its overall quality.

And quality includes the following (main) aspects:

  • Performance

  • Durability

Overall quality is important with every purchase you make.

And sex toys are no different.

Three vibrators of various colors sitting on a grey wooden surface
A truly luxurious high-quality vibrator will always be a good purchase.

Looking at the sex toy material itself is always a good indicator of quality.

But you can also get a good idea of quality based on the supplier and whether you trust them.

Or if you have prior experience buying from them.

Other Factors

Once you’ve gotten the first two factors out of the way, you should have a very good idea of what sex toy you want.

Having said that there, there are a few extra factors to look at, which may help pinpoint the perfect sex toy for you:

  • Exact shape and size

  • Weight

  • Battery or Rechargeable

  • Color

  • Cost

These other factors are more geared towards performance and your overall preference when it comes to your sex toy selection.

But given that a good sex toy should in last many years, it makes sense to take these factors into account.

When talking about cost in particular, the one thing we always like to say is that you get what you pay for.

If you are truly on a budget, then perhaps you can risk purchasing a cheaper sex toy.

But it will almost certainly be of very low quality.

Various jelly sex toys that are inherently of lower quality
Cheap sex toys may be appealing at first, but will end up costing you in the long run.

On the other hand, if you buy a more expensive sex toy, you can rest easy knowing that it is of a high quality.

With all other things being equal, paying more for your sex toy is always the recommended option.

Types of Sex Toys

If you’ve made it this far, then great job!

And even if you skipped down to this section, you know where it’s at 😊

Because here we actually list out the main types of sex toys that are available for women (and men) everywhere

This list covers just about every sex toy out there.

So once you read this, you'll at least be aware of all the options available to you.


If you want to start off simple, buying a dildo is the way to go.

Nothing gets a woman going like seeing a man's endowment.

The size. The shape. The texture.

All of it.

So dildos help to recreate that arousal level, especially when you are so desparately missing the real thing.

A giant dildo that is nearly 12 inches long
Just about nothing is as arousing as this big black dildo!

Most commonly recognized as the original sex toy, dildos are extremely intuitive to use.

The main focus with dildos is on penetration, inserting the dildo in and out in the same way that you would do with your fingers.

Albeit most dildos are much larger than your fingers, hence the need for this simplistic yet heavenly sex toy.

Getting penetration from something other than your own fingers is also a big reason why dildos are so great.

Rather than feeling like you are penetrating yourself, it will feel as if someone else is entering you!

The very emulation of sex itself!

Note that the dildo is most commonly associated with vaginal penetration, but depending on the exact size and shape of your dildo, you can just as easily use it for anal stimulation.

For more information, check out our comprehensive dildo guide.

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This is the heart of the sex toy world, as most women who have used sex toys before will attest to.

The biggest reason simply being that there are so many different types of vibrators.

Each with their own distinguishing features that makes them so unique to one another.

Your classic vibrator is a great start, with a straight streamlined shaft.

But there are more complex vibrators like the Rabbit Vibrator which stimulates your clitoris and your vagina at the same time.

Purple rabbit vibrator being held by a woman at a table
The rabbit vibrator stimulates all parts of your vulva at once!

Or the G-Spot vibrator that has a curved head to help hit that often hard-to-reach g-spot.

If you really want to get off anywhere, then the bullet vibrator is perfect for on-the-go use.

Which is also the case for the egg vibrator, which can even be used while in public, or as a couple's toy.

And if you really love clitoral stimulation, the wand vibrator or the clitoral vibrator are perfect for you.

With so many different options to choose from, it'll be hard to say that vibrators aren't for you.

Take the time to learn and try all of them and you'll find at least one vibrator that you can't live without.

In fact, you'll probably love all of them!

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Butt Plugs

Perhaps even more popular than anal beads, butt plugs hit the same pleasure points as anal beads, but in a different way.

The muscles and nerves in your butt that result in pleasurable anal stimulation are constantly under tension due to the butt plug.

A great way that most women describe it, is that you feel "full" inside.

Not just your butt, but your entire body feels like it is full to the brim.

Very similar to the feeling when having genuine anal sex.

Blue, pink and purple stainless steel butt plugs laying next to each other
Butt plugs make you feel full due to the tension created when inserted.

In fact, butt plugs are the perfect solution for simulating double penetration.

Or they can be used if your partner isn't down to have anal sex with you for whatever reason.

They can even be inserted inside you all day for extended pleasure that won't end until you finally get home.

Either way, butt plugs really amp up the pleasure for an oft-forgotten pleasure point.

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Anal Beads

These are so erotic just based on the way that they look.

And they actually take it one step further than butt plugs by adding in a penetrative element to their functionality, along with the tension-based element.

Anal beads are a connected set of beads that each creates long-lasting tension in the anal cavity.

And when strategically removed one-by-one, they create a mind-blowing penetrative pleasure.

Small Anal Beads displaying flexibility and the ring at the base
Anal beads function with tension and slow, controlled penetration.

Here's why we just love anal beads in general:

A long length of beads that somehow manage to make its way into your butthole, one bead at a time?

That imagery is so hot just thinking about.

And it feels even better.

Especially when you pull them out one-by-one for brief moments of sexual release.

Each bead exiting your body stretches your behind and numbs your whole lower body for a few brief seconds.

Until the bead fully exits you.

And then the next one is soon to follow.

It's the perfect way to enhance your orgasm.

There's a reason we call anal beads the gateway to spine-chilling pleasure.

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Male Sex Toys

To start off, keep in mind that most sex toys that women can use are also applicable to men as well.

Having said that, there are a few toys that are unique only to men.

The most common two are the cock ring, and the sex simulators (also known as the Fleshlight).

Both sex toys apply tension and pressure directly to the penis shaft to varying effects.

For the cock ring, squeezing the penis not only feels good, but can actually help men stay erect longer.

black cock ring sex toy on a white background
The cock ring is an example of a sex toy specifically for men.

And for the sex simulators, they do exactly that: they simulate vaginal penetration.

Or for some men, they liken it to simulating a good old-fashioned blowjob.

Although for you ladies, you can learn how to give the perfect blowjob and keep him from turning to such sex toys in the first place.

(Just a tip!)

A typical fleshlight sex toy on a white background
The Fleshlight is a very popular sex toy for men to simulate vaginal and oral sex.

BDSM Sex Toys

And while they rely on a lot of different functionalities, the main one is pressure.

When you think of BDSM, most people instinctively think of whipping, spanking and even choking in some cases!

These are all forms of pressure to the body, which is exactly how many BDSM sex toys are utilized.

(Although not always!)

Another element of BDSM toys in general is the psychological aspect that comes with the sex toys.

This isn't typically present in more common sex toys, but in this case is quite prevalent.

A red sex toy dungeon used for kinky bdsm acts with various sex toys
Sex toy dungeons like this are great examples of where couples use BDMS sex toys.

Getting into the mindset of being dominating or submissive to your partner is a huge turn on for some people.

And is just as much of the appeal as the how these sex toys are used on you physically!

Sex Toy Safety

Contrary to what you may have believed, sex toys can be dangerous from a health perspective, if not taken care of properly.

Part of this has to do with simply selecting a quality sex toy, but the other part is simply taking good care of your sex toys.

If you don't, you may end up with infections or other minor health problems.

Given that context, sex toy safety should not be taken lightly.

To learn more, check out our comprehensive guide on sex toy safety.

It'll tell you everything you need to know to ensure not only that you are safe while using your sex toys, but that the sex toys themselves will last a long time as well!


Although this guide touched on a number of different topics regarding sex toys in general, one thing is certain:

There is a vast world of sex toys that women can (and should) take advantage of!

many colorful sex toys in a black bin
There are so many sex toys that are available to choose from!

No matter what your sexual preferences are, you can find something perfect for your own sexual needs.

With so many factors to consider, it can definitely seem overwhelming.

So for beginners to sex toys in general, the best thing to do is to take a best guess as to what type of sex toy would turn you on the most.

From there, just go out and buy that sex toy and see how it works for you and go from there.

Until you actually try a sex toy out for yourself, you'll be left wondering what you are missing.

And trust me when I say that you are definitely missing a lot!

So take the plunge and watch your sexual pleasure rise to new heights!

Thanks for reading! 😊