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Sex With Women: My Gender-Based Analysis Part II

Learn more about what makes sleeping with another women so tantalizing!

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

July 1, 2023

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    July 1, 2023

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As much as I love having sex with men, there is no denying that sex with women is something that cannot be ignored.

For any women who is bisexual or even bi-curious, it is a true disservice to not even entertain sharing a bed with a fellow female.

Whether due to being satisfied with men, or due to a fear of the unknown in exploring another woman for the first time.

Thankfully, I am more than happy to share how making love to a woman is an incredible experience worth repeating again and again.

Familiarity with the body

From my experience, I can definitely say that women in general have more "success" as far as making me feel good.

And a lot of that has to do with their abilty to know exactly what buttons to press to turn me on.

For example, I have generally found that women were a lot better at cunninlingus than male counterparts with similar sexual experience.

Their ability to reliabily target the clitoris and especially for women with more experience the g-spot as well, cannot be overstated.

And it doesn't just stop with the vulva region either.

Nipple stimulation and breast play in general is a lot more natural with women compared to men.

Rather than obsessing with my breasts due to being "foreign" to men overall, women focus on them just the right amount!

Sensual foreplay

Unlike men who generally create a more rough sexual experience, women and their largely gentler nature engender more sensual experiences.

Foreplay is very rarely rushed, and every minute of it naturally builds up sexual tension just waiting to be unleashed.

Before even the outer layers of clothing are removed, you can expect soft and gentle caressing of your face and the rest of your body.

Each touch making you more and more aroused and looking forward to the sex tha that is to come.

I generally expect a good 10 to 20 minutes of sensual making out (with some breast play) befoe we even get to playing with each other's pussies.

Sensual sex

When foreplay is extremely sensual and not rushed, it only makes sense that the sex itself follows along those same lines.

Even the primal act of eating another woman's pussy and stuffing their vulva right into your face is generally met with sensual motions.

Women will move their mouth and tongues over your pussy slowly and deliberately, making sure that every second contributes to your sexual arousal.

Their hands will also often gently graze your inner thigh, which is a highly errogenous zone sure to turn you on even further.

And while women can get rougher on occassion depending on the situaiton, this underlying sensual mindset persists throughout.

Which in turn creates a sexual experience that is just as emotionally fulfiling as it is sexually fulfilling.

(Something that a lot of men struggle with unless there the relationship is well established outside of the bedroom)

Women last (a lot) longer!

When most men orgasm, their libido drops and they basically are done for the night.

And that negative aspect is only compounded by many male's inabilty to last long during sex to begin with.

After maybe 10 minutes on average they finish, get tired and leave the woman hanging out to dry.

(Which is one of the many reasons why we love our sex toys so much!)

Women on the other hand not only do not suffer from premature ejaculation, but we when we finish, we have the ability to keep going.

Multiple orgasms is one of the best selling points when it comes to having sex with women.

When both partners can continue having sex until both are satisfied, without any sort of finality associatd with their orgasms, it naturally makes for a lot better sex.

Women are the perfect combination of sensuality and endurance

In today's society, women are empowered to fulfill themselves sexually, by whatever means necessary.

And for many women, men fit that role perfectly.

However, overlooking women would be a huge mistake.

Our own personal knowledge of the female body helps us to know how to effectively please another women.

And our feminine nature and tendency to equate sex with emotion creates a beautifully sensual atmosphere when having sex.

And last and perhaps the most convincing arguemnt out there is our ability to have multiple orgasms, all but guaranteeing a lengthy experience that leaves our partners entirely fulfilled sexually.

In fact, I would even argue that sleeping with women is something that needs to be entertained by ALL women, regardless of their sexual orientation.

So for any heterosexual woman that is reading this, please seriously consider sleeping with a woman at least once in your lifetime.

You might just find a sexual preference that becomes your gold standard for the rest of your life!