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Sex Toy Guides

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Why own sex toys

Sex Toys 101: The Ultimate Crash Course

Learn all about sex toys and why they are an absolute must for those looking to unlock true sexual bliss.

Guide to dildos

Dildos: A Beginner's Guide To The Original Sex Toy

Learn all about the basics of dildos, including five key traits associated with maximum pleasure.

Guide to vibrators

Vibrators: Pleasure Intensified

Learn about the 7 different types of vibrators that every women needs in their "toy chest".

Guide to butt plugs

Butt Plugs: The Simplest Way to Simulate Double Penetration

Learn how a butt plug can be used to simulate a "gang bang", plus other tips.

Guide to anal beads

Anal Beads: Backdoor Pleasure Part II

The second part of our anal toy series - learn how anal beads take it up a notch compared to butt plugs.

Pussy pumps

Pussy Pumps: Taking Sensitivity and Arousal To New Heights

Also known as a vaginal pump or vulva pump, learn how this simple device can greatly enhance your sexual pleasure.

Cock rings

Cock Rings: Stronger and Longer Erections On Demand

Also known as penis rings, discover how men can use these sex toys to effortlessly boost sexual performance.


The Sybian: A Sex Machine For Women

For women who truly want to explore the boundaries of sex toys, the Sybian is definitely for you.

Pocket pussy

The Pocket Pussy: The Perfect Sex Toy For Men

Also known as a pocket vagina, artificial vagina or realistic vagina, learn all about these male masturbator sex toys.

Strap-on sex toys

Strap‑On Sex Toys: Wearable Fun For Couples

Broaden your sexual horizons by exploring this intriguing twist on penetrative sex toys like dildos and vibrators.

Sex Dolls: Simulating the Full Sexual Experience

As a multi-faceted sexual companion, learn how sex dolls push the boundary of what a sex toy can be.