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7 Proven Ways To Enhance Sex With Sex Toys

If your sex life has been lacking as of late, try adding sex toys to the mix!

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

June 25, 2020

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    June 25, 2020

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Couple making out on bed with multiple sex toys on top of it

Despite what you may have heard, sex toys are not just for masturbation purposes.

Although most women typically purchase them to enhance their self-pleasure routine, most of them don’t realize that they can be just as effective when used as a couple.

Below we lay out our seven favorite ways to use sex toys as a couple.

Note that for simplifying our explanations, these methods assume sexual intercourse between one man and one woman.

However, most of these techniques can easily be adapted to other situations as well.

Let’s get started!

#1 – Insert a Butt Plug for increased pleasure in general!

This item on our list goes first because it can be applied to just about any sex position.

For any sex act that doesn’t involve the anal cavity directly, adding some extra backdoor pleasure is as easy as inserting a butt plug.

Our favorite way to do this is to have a butt plug inserted while having vaginal sex.

In part because it really helps to simulate the sensation of a double penetration.

But that’s not the only way to use it.

You can leave it in there while receiving oral sex.

(Whether it be a blowjob or cunnilingus).

In this case, your partner can reach behind and tug on the butt plug to add extra stimulation.

Really quite the sensation when you are already being pleased with your partner’s mouth!

Or you can just leave it in without doing anything at all, allowing the constant tension of the butt plug to provide added pleasure.

Blue, pink and purple stainless steel butt plugs laying next to each other
Simply leaving a butt plug inside of you can enhance all aspects of sex!

If you don’t engage in any anal sex whatsoever, then you can also obviously leave your butt plug for your entire sexual encounter!

However, you decide to do it, inserting your favorite butt plug to the mix is a simple way to enhance your pleasure.

#2 – Let Him Control Your Egg Vibrator while he receives head

This is a great alternative to the “69 position” which is known for allowing both partners to give and receive pleasure simultaneously.

In this case, your man can either stand up or lay on the bed, while you get into position to give him an amazing blowjob.

But instead of him returning the favor with cunnilingus, he can give you pleasure by controlling the egg vibrator tucked away inside of your vagina.

(Or outside of it depending on what sort of egg vibrator you have).

Diagram of woman giving head with remote-controlled egg vibrator in her vagina
Giving head while your man controls your egg vibrator brings a whole new meaning to the idea of "giving while receiving pleasure".

This has a couple of distinct advantages in terms of your physical positioning.

For one, it is just a more comfortable position in general compared to doing 69.

Instead of having to straddle your partner on the bed, you can kneel at the foot of the bed and give him head.

Or get on your knees while he stands in front of you.

All while still receiving pleasure yourself!

And secondly, because you are able to have eye-to-eye contact, the sex act is a lot more intimate.

When having 69, you and your partner are disjointed from one another.

Unable to see each other’s faces in what is typically regarded as an intimate setting.

However, by using the egg vibrator in this way, you both can see each other’s faces while pleasuring each other.

The eye-to-eye-contact simply makes the foreplay a lot more intimate.

In the same way that missionary position with (direct eye-contact) is typically regarded as a lot more intimate than a position like doggy style.

Using an egg vibrator in lieu of regular “69” is much more comfortable, and allows for more intimate foreplay.

In any case, even those who love 69 can stand to spice things up with this new take on giving while receiving pleasure!

#3 – Enhance Cunnilingus with a Clitoral (Oral Sex) Vibrator

This is probably the ultimate foreplay technique when it comes to overall pleasure.

The reason being is simply because the clitoral vibrator is extremely versatile.

While receiving cunnilingus, your man can obviously apply the vibrator directly to your clitoris for an extremely amazing pleasure sensation.

In this situation, you are left with these pleasure sensations all at once:

  • Digital (finger) penetration of your vagina

  • Clitoris stimulation with the vibrator

  • Outer labia and inner thigh stimulation with his tongue.

Pretty awesome right? But you can also use the vibrator in another way.

You see, the vibrator is also perfect for providing a “sucking” sensation to your nipples.

In this case, your man can do the following:

  • Penetrate you with his fingers

  • Suck on your clitoris with his mouth

  • Use the vibrators to “suck” on one of your nipples.

Sounds arguably more amazing doesn’t it?

Pink clitoral (oral sex) vibrator with white background
Despite the name, the clitoral vibrator is also the perfect sex toy to "suck" on your nipples.

And that doesn’t even account for the fact that you also have two hands yourself.

Available to play with your (other) nipple, or even your asshole.

This versatile way to provide many forms of direct stimulation is why using this sex toy in this way is so effective!

(Note that wand vibrators can also be used for similar effect, but not as well as the clitoral vibrator – in our personal opinion

#4 – Doggy Style with Anal Beads

For women who are really into anal sex, this is the go to technique for sure.

To do this technique, most couples start by inserting all the beads into your ass as a form of foreplay.

This is because removing the anal beads is typically a lot easier than inserting them.

So the more anal beads you have already in place, the longer you can go without having to re-insert them again.

Four colors of anal beads with white background
Getting the full length of anal beads inside of you makes it quite easy for your man to remove them while in the doggy-style sex position!

Once the anal beads are inside of you, while you two are in position for doggy style, he can do a number of different things.

He can choose to pop the anal beads out while simultaneously thrusting you vaginally.

This technique is a lot more intense.

Especially if he removes multiple beads all in succession, rather than just one bead at a time.

Alternatively he can remove the anal beads as a way of taking a break in between thrusting sessions.

If you personally can’t handle the intense sensation of both thrusting and anal beads coming out of you, then separating the two will be much more manageable.

But don’t worry – it will still feel amazing due to the pleasure being received to both your vagina and your anal cavity.

(Just not at the same time).

Pro tip: Tell your man to slap your ass while in this position and with the anal beads still inside you to really amp up the pleasure!

#5 – Clitoral stimulation with (Classic) Vibrator penetration

This one is a fairly classic technique, and while not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination, definitely deserves mentioning.

And the reason this is so effective is because it adds the sensation of vibrations that your typical finger penetration cannot accomplish.

To do this, simply insert the vibrator into your vagina while allowing your man to suck on your clitoris.

Note that vibrator does not need to be controlled by your man, but can be controlled by yourself if you so choose.

However you decide to do it will just change who has the free hands to help stimulate the rest of your body.

If your man controls the vibrator, then you can use your two free hands to play with your breasts and nipples.

Or your asshole as well.

And if you are controlling the vibrator, your man can be the one to stimulate those other areas of your body.

If you do decide the control the vibrator yourself, consider bringing your hand underneath your leg to grasp the vibrator.

This is really helpful if your man is really focusing all his attention on your clit, giving him a bit more room to work with.

Diagram showing vaginal penetration via vibrator along with fingering of clitoris
Penetrating with a classic vibrator enhances the sensations while the two of you focus on other areas of your body (like fingering your clitoris).

One last note is that you can also do this technique with one of your dildos if you want!

Just note that there wouldn’t be vibrations

But if you prefer dildos over your fingers, then it would obviously make sense to do it this way!

#6 – Cowgirl with Stimulation via Wand Vibrator

This technique is great for actual sexual intercourse with intense clitoris-stimulation simultaneously.

To do it, simply apply the wand vibrator directly to your clitoris while you ride your man in the cowgirl position.

Diagram of couple in cowgirl position with wand vibrator directed towards the clitoris
Applying a wand vibrator to your clitoris while in the cowgirl position is all it takes for amazing double stimulation during sex.

Note that the vibrator wand can be controlled be either your man yourself.

If you want a constant stream of vibrations running through your clitoris, then you should hold the vibrator yourself.

This is mostly because your arm typically bounces up and down with your body.

Making it much easier to maintain constant contact with your clitoris.

On the other hand, letting your man hold the wand vibrator can be a uniquely pleasing sensation in its own right.

In this scenario, your man can just hold the wand vibrator so that the vibrating head is just at the base of his penis.

In this way, you do not necessarily feel the vibrations all the time.

But rather you feel them only as you start sitting back down on his penis.

In other words, you get spurts of intense vibrations with every bounce!

Just note that this will work a lot better when you initiate most (if not all) of the movement yourself.

If you are actually riding him, then the wand vibrator will stay in place, allowing for the short bursts of pleasure that will definitely have you reeling!

Also note that if you decide to try this out with the reverse cowgirl position, you will probably need to hold the wand vibrator yourself.

Simply because it is a lot harder for your man to try and stimulate your clitoris when he can’t even see it.

#7 – Doggy Style with Stimulation via Wand Vibrator

This is technique is very similar to the previous one above.

The only real different is the sex position involved.

For this sex position though, we highly recommend controlling the wand vibrator yourself.

And the reasons are in part the same as for when using a wand vibrator in the reverse cowgirl position.

Without actually being able to see your clitoris while thrusting you from behind, it makes it a lot harder to actually control the vibrator.

Plus, in doggy-style, it is typically much harder for a man to reach around and under your body to stimulate your clitoris.

Especially when he is already engaged with heavy thrusting action and needs both hands on your hips to maintain his balance.

Diagram showing doggy-style vaginal penetration with woman using vibrator on herself
Use a wand vibrator (or other!) to add intense clitoris stimulation while your man thrusts from behind via doggy style!

The good thing about this position though is that the technique works just as well for anal sex as well!

In fact, with his penis penetrating your anus rather than your vagina, you have much more room to work with.

You don’t need to be limited to stimulating just the clitoris, but can also can stimulate the vaginal walls as well.

(Or even penetrate yourself with a different vibrator accordingly!)

Sex toys can enhance sex like you’ve never imagined!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed at least a few of these methods and plan to incorporate them into your late night fun with your significant other very soon.

Or at the very least, hopefully you can think of new ways to incorporate your sex toys of choice.

There are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to sex toys.

And as a result, they lead to an infinite number of ways to enhance sex itself.

So next time you think about purchasing a sex toy, keep in mind that they aren’t just for masturbation...

… But also a way to bring your sex life to new and improved heights!