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Why I founded

From Mia of Blissful Cherry - Sex Toys have changed my life!

Mia from Blissful Cherry
Sex Toys have changed my life, even outside the bedroom.

Hello guys and gals. Here is where I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit more.

I personally knew nothing about sex toys at all five years ago.

That all changed when I went to a bachelorette party and saw my best friend receive a bright purple vibrator from one of our other friends.

She had later told me that although she wasn't an expert in sex toys, she knew plenty about them.

From her, I learned how they could not only enhance my masturbation sessions, but also sex with my partners.

Soon after, I bought my first sex toy - a smooth silicone pink dildo - as plain and simple as could be.

And I was hooked the night I received it in the mail!

I soon became obsessed, currently in possession of about 50 different sex toys in total.

Some were simple, and others were mind-bogglingly intense and crazy.

But they all find a use at some point or another.

Whenever I need to arouse myself privately.

Or when I bring someone home and we want to spice things up.

Sex toys in general are so underappreciated.

And simply treated as a downright immoral.

I want to change those mindsets and expose everyone (girls and guys) to just how truly satisfying and "blissful" you can become through the power of sex toys.

Not just for the 30 minute session while you use the toys either.

They can change your behavior and mood long afterwards as well.

In short, making sex toys an integral part of your sex life has life-changing benefits that go beyond the bedroom!

We here at Blissful Cherry are wholeheartedly here for you, and ready to answer any questions you have about sex toys!

The sheer number of sex toys out there can certainly be overwhelming, as it was for my first time.

But once you purchase your first product, you will naturally begin to explore more and more!

Your body (and partner) will thank you for it!

Trust me.

Feel free to reach out to us a [email protected] for any inquiries you may have.

We strongly believe that sex toys are not just products...

They are the foundation of creating a healthy lifestyle.

And we want to be with you every step of the way.