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The Ultimate Guide to Clitoris Stimulation

Don't ever neglect the clit if you really want to maximize your sexual pleasure!

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

Mia Hart

June 8, 2020

Portrait of Mia from Blissful Cherry

By Mia Hart    June 8, 2020

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An amazing sexual experience

Did you know that the word "clitoris" is derived from the Greek word for "key"?

How fitting, indeed.

In fact, the reality is that the majority of women (close to 75%) need to have their clitoris touched to reach their climax.

In other words - sexual intercourse alone will not give you orgasms.

Woman sitting up in bed with disgruntled look while boyfriend sleeps next to her
If you only rely on penetrative stimulation during sex, odds are that you aren't fully satisfied.

Which clearly means that sex toys, especially those that target the clitoris, are quite necessary not only for climaxing on your own, but also to help you climax when with a partner.

Let's learn more about this vital organ that many people truly do not understand.

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Anatomy of the Clitoris

While you may know the clitoris as a small bulb above the vaginal opening, in reality, the clitoris is only partially visible to the naked eye.

The clitoris is actually nearly four inches in length, with a wishbone-like shape.

But the majority of it is hidden from view within the female's body.

Most of the clitoris is hidden within the body
The clitoris (in dark pink) is fairly large, but mostly hidden from view.

The clitoris has 8,000 highly-sensitive nerve endings!

While we all know how sensitive the clitoris is, this numerical fact may come as a surprise.

Particularly because we always assume the penis is the most sensitive organ on the human body - male or female.

But in reality, the clitoris with its 8,000 nerve endings leaves the penis completely in the dust.

Such a high-concentration of nerve endings all in one small place emphasizes just how much attention this organ should be getting!

In fact, getting intense, direct clitoris stimulation can lead to near-immediate orgasm.

When using the right sex toy of course!

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The clitoris is the female equivalent of the penis

This is also probably something you did not know!

The clitoris and the penis both come from the same genital tissue.

At 12 weeks gestation, the baby's genitalia starts to differentiate between the two.

So the clitoris is more similar to the penis than you may have thought.

Like we already mentioned, it has plenty of nerve endings.

It even has an equivalent of a foreskin - also known as the clitoris' hood.

It has some erectile tissue and even a very small shaft.

And the clitoris actually swells up when aroused - just like the penis!

Talk about similarities!

Sensual women in black underwear reaching down to her clitoris
The clitoris has even more nerve endings than a penis!

The Clitoris - for a woman's pleasure!

There is literally no use for the clitoris in terms of reproduction or any other function.

Bringing a woman pleasure is its sole purpose, and it's a wonderful purpose indeed.

Based on the huge number of nerve endings on the clitoris, it should be clear that this deeply complex, yet somewhat misunderstood organ needs to be a focal point in the bedroom.

To do that, Blissful Cherry offers a wide range of vibrator products that fulfill your clitoris needs.

Primarily through the wand vibrator which offers direct, intense clitoris stimulation.

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A great way to really climax is to combine clitoral and vaginal play, using vibrators with other manual stimulations, either from yourself or from your partner.

For example, when by yourself, try using a wand vibrator on your clitoris, while also fingering your vagina at the same time.

Or simply use a penetrative vibrator to penetrate your vagina, while rubbing your clitoris with your fingers directly.

Similar pairings can be done with a partner as well, such as using your dildo vibrator for vaginal penetration while your man (or woman) plays with your clitoris themselves.

Any of these combinations provide unbridled pleasure that are sure to lead you to climax.

Simultaneous clitoris stimulation
Clitoris stimulation with additional sex toy stimulation is a great way to climax.

Clitoris- The Key to Satisfying Women

From this guide, it should be clear to you that the clitoris is the "key" to unlocking your pleasure possibilities.

It is such a complex organ and its complexity parallels its importance to consistently creating a satisfying sexual experience for woman.

Focusing on your clitoris, whether alone or with a partner, can only lead to unparalleled sexual pleasure.

So why wouldn't you do whatever it took to make the most out of this amazing female pleasure source?