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4 Reasons Why Sex Toys are a Must-Have For Every Woman

Guide by Mia Hart

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Guide by Mia Hart from  BLISSFULCHERRY

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Various sex toys tucked away in a drawer

Despite the many joys in life, I don’t think many people can argue against the fact that sex is one of the greatest.

It is amazing feeling that never gets old.

And always leaves you wanting more.

So having said that, you may be wondering why sex toys are even necessary.

In reality, they provide multiple new wrinkles that is lacking with regular sexual intercourse.

This is not to say that sex toys are a replacement to having regular sex.

But rather there is a distinct place in your life for sex toys.

Making them an absolute must-have for every woman.

We’ll list out the top four reasons below.

#1 – Sex Toys provide new and exciting sensations

To put it simply, one of the reasons a sex toy has value over a real penis (or similar) is because it is different.

Different shapes.

Different sizes.

Different materials.

And this all leads to one thing: Different pleasure sensations.

The biggest example of this is vibrators.

And the reason this is the best example is because they do something that no typical physical object can replicate: they vibrate.

Pink vibrator in palm of hand with white background
Vibrators are the best example of how sex toys provide you with new and exciting pleasure sensations.

There is no better feeling in the world than vibrators on a woman.

In fact, stimulating your clitoris with vibrations is one of the best ways to ensure orgasm.

But even other sex toys provide new and exciting sensations.

Albeit in slightly subtler ways.

For example, a dildo that is longer or thicker than you normally get from a real man provides a tighter fit within your vagina.

Or anal beads that go a full foot up your ass is an entirely new sensation than sticking a man’s penis back there.

(Or even your own finger).

This all applies to help you in all forms of sex:

Enjoy your masturbation sessions even more

Despite how amazing your fingers may have seemed for you back in your early high school days, the fact of the matter is that using your fingers are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to masturbation.

Sex toys are the real deal and once you use them to masturbate, you’ll see why you can’t ever go back to just using your hands.

Enhance Sex with added stimulations

While sex definitely can be amazing in its own right, there is nothing stopping you from using your sex toys during sex.

In fact, it is a great way to spice up things in the bedroom when you and your partner always go through the same sex positions every single time.

If you need some ideas, be sure to check out our guide to using sex toys during sex.

#2 – Sex Toys Fill the Void of Real Sex

And as much as we love the real thing, there are some obvious drawbacks to sex.

And regardless of how great your partner is in bed, some of these drawbacks are unavoidable.

However, all of them can be remedied through the use of sex toys.

There are two main aspects that sex toys can help fill the void that may be an issue with real sex:


Let’s be honest: sex is fairly hard to come by.

Even for those in a committed relationship, busy work schedules and other activities can pull time away from actually being able to engage in sexual activities.

Or at the very least, it can make your partner too tired (or lazy) to get it on with you.

And for those without committed partners, sex is understandably even harder to come by.

So when the time comes to fulfill your sexual needs, and you don’t have access to the real thing, what are you going to do

Sure you can masturbate the old fashion way, but using your fingers alone won’t come even close to feeling of real sex.

Meaning it won’t feel as satisfying sexually as the real thing either.

This is where sex toys come in so handy.

If you are missing the feeling of having a long, thick cock inside of you, just let a dildo help you fill the void!

Or use a butt plug to simulate anal sex!

Remember that sex toys are an improvement over using your own hands.

So if sex isn’t an option for you at any given moment, they are the next best thing!


As in, the reliability of making you orgasm every time.

You see, as much as your sexual partners (especially guys) may not realize, they often leave you unsatisfied in bed, despite their best efforts.

For the majority of women, it simply means that they were unable to make you come before they had to tap out, so to speak.

But even for the (very few) women that are able to come during sex, you can still be left wanting more.

Luckily for you, sex toys won’t ever go limp rendering themselves useless for your sexual needs.

Nor will they ever tire out similarly reducing their effectiveness as a means for your sexual satisfaction.

Frustrated woman sitting at edge of bed while her boyfriend sleeps
Is your man ever unavailable or simply unable to satisfy your sexual needs? If so, take matters into your own hands (literally) with the help of sex toys.

Your sex toys will keep going, and going.

Not stopping until you are fully satisfied sexually.

Whether that means one orgasm.

Or three!

#3 – Sex Toys help to make you feel Sexy

This line of reasoning stems primarily from the kinky nature of sex toys in general.

Regardless of what sort of sex toys you use, there is always a certain element of kinkiness to using them.

Perhaps it has something to do with the taboo nature of sex in general in the past.

And while that sentiment has gone away for the most part, sex toys are still viewed as taboo in their own right.

So even if you have the most basic sex toy imaginable, using it will help you to feel sexier.

In the context of masturbation, by feeling sexier, it helps you engage more in the self-pleasure.

Resulting in much more heightened arousal overall.

And in the context of actual sex, using a sex toy takes it one step further by also arousing your partner as well.

There’s a reason porn starts so often film solo masturbation scenes by using sex toys.

And why even in actual sex scenes, sex toys are so prominent.

It is because they are sexy, and viewed as such by the general public.

In fact, simply owning a sex toy can have positive effects on your life outside of the bedroom as well.

Regardless of if anyone knows it, owning a sex toy can help give you confidence when you are out in social scenes.

In the back of your mind, you feel sexy knowing that you get off to sex toys.

And that confidence radiates in the way you interact with others around you.

Sexy confident woman flirting with a man in a bar
Owning and using sex toys makes you feel sexier and therefore more confident in social settings.

Or if you want a more concrete effect, you can even mention to a guy you are flirting with what sort of sex toys you own.

This way, you are immediately seen as more sexy and attractive in his mind.

They won’t stop thinking about how you use your sex toys.

Imagining what you look like using it.

What you sound like.

They won’t be able to get you out of their heads.

If you do this right, you can really give off a truly sexy vibe that is almost unbeatable when it comes to making guys want you.

(Just make sure that you’ve at least gotten to know him a little bit – otherwise that would just be awkward!)

#4 – Sex Toys help you learn about your body

Despite what you think you may know about your body, you are probably only just scratching the surface if you’ve never used sex toys before.

For example, do you remember the first time you masturbated?

And you probably thought that was the most intense amazing thing ever?

However, once you’ve received a real human penis for the first time, only then did you realize what you were truly missing.

The same applies to sex toys.

Despite how much you may love sex, or even love using your own fingers to masturbate, you may be missing out on an entirely new set of sensations.

Ones that may get you off better than anything before.

Again, the most common example of this is the use of vibrators.

Almost all women that I’ve talked to have said they’ve never felt anything like a vibrator before.

And just about all of them question internally why they’ve never used it sooner.

Because they have been missing out all those years.

The same goes with other types of sex toys.

Until you actually try them out for yourself, you won’t know what you have been missing.

And the longer you wait until trying them out, the less time you have actually being able to incorporate them into your sex lives.

Woman with face of pure sexual pleasure while masturbating in bed
Until you learn what turns you on sexually, you'll be missing out! Sex toys help to facilitate such self-discovery.

We firmly believe that sex and sexual pleasure is a journey.

New sexual turn-ons are always developing and new discoveries about what makes your body tick are probably the best part about sexual pleasure in general.

Without sex toys, we would be left wondering: is there anything more I can do to improve how I get off sexually?

And in fact, the taking on your first sex toy is probably the biggest step of all in unlocking your full sexual potential.

Once you try your first sex toy out for yourself, you’ll realize just how little you know about sex and sexual pleasure in general.

Whether you liked that initial sex toy or not.

That is when you really get the ball going, experimenting and learning more about your body in the process

It is really an exciting prospect, and sex toys are the only way to fully discover everything about your body!

Sex Toys are a Godsend for Women Everywhere

No matter how you look at it, sex toys are amazing tools for improving your sex life.

From a pleasure standpoint, they allow us new and exciting sensations.

Ones that we can use to improve how we masturbate as well as how we have sex.

From a logistical standpoint, they allow us to fill the void of real sex that is relevant to just about everyone.

Sex toys also improve us psychologically, helping us to feel sexier.

Not only while using them, but also simply when talking to guys in social settings.

And perhaps most importantly, sex toys are the gateway to self-discovery and learning about our bodies.

Without sex toys, we are simply not living our sexual lives to their fullest potential.

There is no doubt about that.

Trying sex toys is definitely a big step to take, but one that is absolutely necessary to unlocking your potential in all sexual endeavors.

Once you do take that first step though, you’ll be opening yourself to an entire new world of amazing sexual experiences and pleasures.

So good luck!

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