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Welcome to Blissful Cherry!

We are home to the #1 resource for adult sex toys!

And not just selling sex toys of the highest quality, but also providing unique and useful content to help anyone make the most out of them.

To help you not only become more educated in sex toys for purchasing them, but also in incorporating them into your lives.

Despite any previously conceived notion about sex toys, they are perfectly natural.

And a great way to fulfill your wildest desires in a safe and healthy way.

Blissful Cherry is our way of getting the word out on the truth about sex toys.

And sexual activity in general.

Here you will find everything you need to know about sex and self-pleasure, with the focus driven towards sex toys!

To get the ball rolling, we'll provide an overarching summary of the world of sex toys.

Keep in mind that there are almost an infinite number of different sex toys out there.

But we'll cover the most popular ones, which is about 95% of sex toys.

Basically, if you read through to the end of this page, you'll be fairly well versed on sex toys.

(At least on paper - you would need to try them out yourself to truly be a sex toy connoisseur!)

In any case, let's get started.

Why Sex Toys are the missing link to a fulfilling sex life

Sexual satisfaction is one of the many joys to life.

In fact, it's one of the BEST joys of life.

Whether you achieve it on your own (Masturbation) or with a partner (Sexual Intercourse).

But no matter how you do it, the key doing it right is achieving the most pleasure possible.

Not doing so simply means cheating yourself of the pleasure that you undoubtedbly deserve.

Even if you feel like your sex life is off the charts, without incorporating sex toys, you are missing out.

That's just a fact.

If you don't believe me, then you clearly have never used a sex toy in your life.

(Or at least, not a high-quality one).

Luckily, sex toys are (and really have been for centuries) the only surefire way to improve your sex life instantly.

Need some concrete reasons why? Keep reading.

New and exciting sensations

Sex toys are better than any manual stimulation, simply because they can be anything you want or need them to be.

Need vibrations to really get you off?

Sex toys can do that.

Need something round and thick for your butthole?

Sex toys can do that too.

Need to find a way to get off even while in public?

Sex toys can even do that.

Sex toys simply enhance the way you pleasure yourself.

And they enhance how you have sex as well.

(By the way, if you want to know how to get yourself off while in public, the answer is in our vibrator guide.)

The Sanitary alternative

Typically when you masturbate, it involves using your fingers and getting them all wet.

And when you've finished, even though your natural lubrication is perfectly sterile, it is almost a must that you wash off before touching anything else.

Otherwise your fingers are left feeling sticky and with a particular smell that most people would rather not have lingering on them.

Using sex toys helps to alleviate these problems.

When you use a sex toy, most of the mess builds up on the toy itself.

And not on your hands.

As soon as you finish, there's no immediate need to wash your hands or anything like that.

This is especially useful if you are into anal play.

Having your fingers up your butt is not the most sanitary and will certainly require immediate cleaning.

So instead of doing that, just use sex toys to penetrate your backside instead.

And you can clean them anytime afterwards, with relative ease.

All of our products at Blissful Cherry for example can be washed with simple warm water and soap.

Not much easier than that!

Always ready and available for your needs

Compared to sexual activity with someone else, using a sex toy alleviates the need for a mutual desire to get it on.

In other words, even if your boyfriend isn't in the mood or physically not around to have sex, you can still get an amazing orgasm.

Meaning you won't be letting your romance (or lack thereof) get in the way of your own sexual satisfaction.

This is especially big if you can't truly get off using just your hands.

And even more so if you are single and don't have a romance to begin with!

frustrated woman sitting at edge of bed while her boyfriend sleeps
Is your man ever unavailable to satisfy your needs? If so, simply take matters into your own hands (literally) with the help of sex toys.

Without sex toys, you would truly be stuck in a rut of unsatisfying masturbation sessions that never lead to real orgasms.

But once you find a sex toy that can satisfy your needs to the fullest, there's no need for concern.

Anytime you are horny, you can count on your go-to sex toy tucked away in your drawers.

No more nights being left unsatisfied.

If you need a real powerful sexual release, you have your sex toy waiting to go.

And they don't stop until you are satisfied!

A big reason that girls learn to love sex toys is because their partner just can't last long enough.

Premature ejaculation is very common in most men, so often, women are left without orgasming.

That is just unacceptable.

Especially when you consider the fact that men are being sexually satisfied while simultaneously keeping their ladies from achieving the same sexual bliss.

Sex toys however are there for you and won't stop until you are done with them.

Even if you want multiple orgasms!

That's something that you certainly can't say about most men!

So here is a summary on why sex toys instantly make your sex life better:

  • New and exciting sensations just not possible otherwise.

  • Sanitary and keeps the mess off of you.

  • Always there to get you off, even when your partner isn't.

  • Sexual satisfaction guaranteed - won't stop until you are ready to stop.

Clearly, sex toys are a must have for any women serious about fulfilling their sexual needs to the fullest.

And that should be all women!

But just what type of sex toys are out there?

We'll give you a quick rundown of the most popular.

By the way, be sure to check out our sex toy guides list for more detailed readings!


This is the typical starting point for women looking into purchasing a sex toy.

Nothing gets a woman going like seeing a man's endowment.

The size. The shape. The texture.

All of it.

So dildos help to recreate that feeling, especially when you are so desparately missing the real thing.

Getting penetration from something other than your own fingers is also a big reason why dildos are so great.

Rather than feeling like you are penetrating yourself, it will feel as if someone else is entering you!

The very emulation of sex itself!

Buy dildos from Blissful Cherry

You can get into some really crazy stuff when you really know how to use your dildo properly.

For example, our dildos that utilize suction cups at the base are perfect for simulating a cowgirl position.

Just stick the dildo onto a flat surface and ride away to eternal bliss.

Overall, dildos are great for relatively basic sex play.

But when you want to really get turned on, we turn to something that no man's penis could ever duplicate naturally...



This is the heart of the sex toy world, as most women who have used sex toys before will attest to.

The biggest reason simply being that there are so many different types of vibrators.

Each with their own distinguishing features that makes them so unique to one another.

Your classic vibrator is a great start, with a straight streamlined shaft.

But there are more complex vibrators like the Rabbit Vibrator which stimulates your clitoris and your vagina at the same time.

Or the G-Spot vibrator that has a curved head to help hit that often hard-to-reach g-spot.

If you really want to get off anywhere, then the bullet vibrator is perfect for on-the-go use.

Which is also the case for the egg vibrator, which can even be used while in public, or as a couple's toy.

And if you really love clitoral stimulation, the wand vibrator or the clitoral vibrator are perfect for you.

With so many different options to choose from, it'll be hard to say that vibrators aren't for you.

Take the time to learn and try all of them and you'll find at least one vibrator that you can't live without.

In fact, you'll probably love all of them!

Buy vibrators from Blissful Cherry

Anal Beads

These are so erotic just based on the way that they look.

A long length of beads that somehow manage to make its way into your butthole, one bead at a time?

That imagery is so hot just thinking about.

And it feels even better.

Especially when you pull them out one-by-one for brief moments of sexual release.

Each bead exiting your body stretches your behind and numbs your whole lower body for a few brief seconds.

Until the bead fully exits you.

And then the next one is soon to follow.

It's the perfect way to enhance your orgasm.

There's a reason we call anal beads the gateway to spine-chilling pleasure.

Buy anal beads from Blissful Cherry

Butt Plugs

Perhaps even more popular than anal beads, butt plugs hit the same pleasure points as anal beads, but in a different way.

The muscles and nerves in your butt that result in pleasurable anal stimulation are constantly under tension due to the butt plug.

A great way that most women describe it, is that you feel "full" inside.

Not just your butt, but your entire body feels like it is full to the brim.

Very similar to the feeling when having genuine anal sex.

In fact, butt plugs are the perfect solution for simulating double penetration.

Or they can be used if your partner isn't down to have anal sex with you for whatever reason.

They can even be inserted inside you all day for extended pleasure that won't end until you finally get home.

Either way, butt plugs really amp up the pleasure for an oft-forgotten pleasure point.

Buy butt plugs from Blissful Cherry

Looking for Sex Toys? Blissful Cherry is the Answer

Blissful Cherry is unlike any other sex toy company out there.

The simple fact of the matter is that we provide the best sex toys.


We strive to create only the highest-quality products that redefine what a luxury sex toy can be.

But at the same time, we want to allow ways for women (and men) of all sexual experience levels to foray into the world of sex toys.

To meet those ends, we've made it a point to include a few cost-friendlier options to our sex toys.

Without sacrificing on quality.

In addition the the finest luxury sex toys set at the corresponding price point.

All of our sex toys meet our standard of not only providing you with incomparable pleasure, but lasting a lifetime as well.

Again, it comes down to high-quality and ensuring that only the best products make it through production and to your door.

Quality matters and we won't settle for anything less than the best.

And no matter what sort of sex toys you buy from Blissful Cherry, you WILL be coming back for more.

Here are a few more reasons for buying from Blissful Cherry:

  • Streamlined payment: See what you like? Click "Buy" and we take you directly to PayPal for purchasing.

  • Discreet delivery: Products packaged in a plain white box from generic company "Paradise Enterprises".

  • Products ship within 48hrs, with prompt emails explaining any (unlikely) delays.

  • $5 flat-rate shipping. That means the same $5, for anywhere in the world.

But again, our goal is much more than selling sex toys.

We want to teach everyone about the true benefits of them and how they can really make your sex life amazing!

So please browse our site.

Learn about sex toys.

Or how to enhance your sex life in general.

Or make a purchase to get your sex life to where you want it to be.

Regardless of how you use our site, we humbly appreciate your time.

-Mia (CEO, Blissful Cherry LLC)